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About CRES

We are your local real estate investment company that purchases single-family and multi-family houses across the River Region.

Mission Statement
The mission of Capital Real Estate Solutions is to provide the best real estate "SOLUTIONS" we have to our clients with honesty, respectfulness, and confidentiality. 

About the Managing Member

The managing member of the company is Dwayne Glover. Dwayne Glover is a married man with children  and was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. He went to high school and college here in Montgomery which means he has a vested interest in our community. He achieved his degree in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration from John Patterson Technical College, and also attends a local church. Dwayne has been serving our community through professional real estate investing for over a decade.

How are we able to purchase your house fast?

We have found the best way to insure our purchase of your house runs as smooth and as fast as possible is to develop relationships with professional experts in the local River Region real estate industry that assist us in making your transaction a successful one. These professionals span from closing attorneys to financing associates. Putting a great team in place allows you to avoid hurdles you may otherwise encounter during the sell of your house.
Another huge benefit you will have that allows us to purchase fast is the fact that we are not a franchise company. We are local and we specialize in the River Region. All of our associates are local experts which assures you all of our focus is on you and not nationwide.
Financially Capital Real Estate Solutions has developed time tested and proven programs that are used to purchase your house that have been successful for many of our customers. We also have a strong financial backing that allows us to close on your house in 24 Hours if necessary.
Last but certainly not least, we think one of the most important things that allow us to move swiftly is the fact that we have so much experience in our communities. We have associates who have been born and raised in our surrounding area and care about the image of our communities and to us that’s extremely important.

What does Capital Real Estate Solutions do with a property they have purchased?

As you know we purchase houses from our customers in hopes that we can make this a pleasant and speedy experience for them. Well, what do we do with your house once we purchase it? Good Question. We have two options. Option one is to restore the property to a beautiful condition that anyone would be proud to call home and leave behind a house that ads beauty to the community. At this point, we hope to resell the house for a small profit. Option two is to sell the house to another investor who wants to fix it up, put a nice family in it and use it as a rental property.

Your # 1 to Us

A lot of company’s pride themselves on being the number one company. At Capital Real Estate Solutions our goal is to make YOU number 1. We feel if we can succeed at that then our mission is accomplished, which is satisfying you.

Capital Real Estate Solutions L.L.C.

"Capital Real Estate Solutions is revising business and systems as part of an on going effort to comply with applicable laws""